Kreol is software that turns the computer into a musical instrument.

Kreol was created on the assumption that people like to make music. If you are reading this, chances are that you already know how to type and use a computer. By taking advantage of that fact, Kreol breaks down some of the biggest barriers that keep the average person from playing music.

Simply enough, Kreol turns the computer's keyboard into notes and chords, while the mouse is used for expressive movements. Playing music on Kreol is easier than on any other instrument because Kreol is a dynamic, ever changing “brain” that adapts to the song you have chosen to play. It is able to eliminate that which is not needed for a given song, such as wrong notes. We write out all types of music for Kreol with the letters from the keyboard, and all you need to do is type along -- you don't need to learn any traditional musical notation to get started. Kreol's brain also has the flexibility to adapt to nearly every genre of music without requiring additional skills.

Who made Kreol?

Kreol was invented and created by Mike Block and Jerzy Gangi. In August 2009 Michael Scott-Nelson was hired as a co-designer for the Kreol instrument, and we're thrilled to have him on our team. We are very interested in hearing your thoughts and impressions of Kreol. You can contact us at